Strawberries in February ?!!

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Strawberries imported in Switzerland in 2020

Sandra Imsand from the FRC Fédération Romande des Consommateurs has produced a very extensive document with her conclusions of a study about why and how the principle Swiss food retailers bring strawberries to the consumer and make us believe that it is the consumer who wants this on the shelves.

Why are we seeing Strawberries
in the shops in February?!

Import duty taxes are ONLY high when Swiss strawberries are availble

Import Duty tax is low when it is not the season, that is why foreign strawberries arrive out of local season to be able to benefit from low duty.

Spain has the cheapest strawberry

The cheapest strawberry in Europe comes from Spain, which is due to the exploitaton of cheap labour.

Cheap labour in Spain due to humain exploitation of migrants.

Many migrants, who have fled war and famine in Africa and the Middle East have ended up working in Spain for fruit producers. There has been some very disturbing articles of human misery and exploitation of these people.

Full study and article published by Sandra Imsand

Good For My Planet recommends you to look carefully at the country from where the Strawberries come from.

CHOOSE LOCAL, ONLY BUY IN JUNE, and from local producers !