Rancho de la Fuente - Saving horses

Good For My Planet is raising funds to help provide food and shelter for the horses at the Rancho for an entire year.

Request for CHF 2000 a month to feed the 30 horses.

The Rancho currently needs CHF 2000 a month to be able to feed and care for all 30 horses. These costs include clean hay, veterinary care and stable equipment, etc.
Since the start of the pandemic, Rancho de la Fuente has been unable to generate revenue and must rely entirely on donations.

Swiss francs raised to date

Why is this a project supported by Good For My Planet ?

Our founder (Helen) is from the region of Murcia in Spain and she has been going to the Rancho since she was a child. Her family has been brought up there and she has donated her time and energy to manage the Rancho’s  Facebook page for the past 7 years.

When the Covid19 pandemic hit, Nicole (the owner) and her twin daughters Lily and Natali, who manage the Rancho, soon realised that they would have  problems to feed and care for the horses, as all income dried up due to lockdown and quarantine restrictions.

It seemed like a logical project for Good For My  Planet to raise funds for food and shelter for the horses.  Just imagine if there was no one to save abandoned horses, many would die, tied to a post in a field under the Spanish sun. The Rancho de la Fuente does its part to give these horses a dignified retirement, with food and a place to stay, loved and cared for till the end of their days. Sadly there is no government aid and the Rancho depended on income from its services and activities, all of which have been stopped by the Covid19 pandemic.   

Thank you for your support!

Covid 19

Due to the restrictions in Spain by the Spanish Gouvernment, Rancho de La Fuente has no means to create revenu, and does not comply for any help.

30 Horses

The Rancho de la Fuente is currently home to nearly 30 horses which are fed and cared for, stables that are cleaned and refreshed daily.

Nicole and her twin daughters

The Rancho de la Fuente is owned and managed by Nicole (widow) and her twin daughters Natali and Lily.

Check out the website

The website was developed by volunteers and with thanks to funds from Good For My Planet. It is currently only in Spanish.

This horse, Cabanon, was rescued by Rancho de la Fuente in 2014. It is hard to believe that this is the same horse!  He is  beautifully fit horse and living  happily in Spain.