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Good For My Planet supports the Aquaverde Forestry project, a Swiss association, with the replanting of trees in the Amazonian forest of Brazil.
Aquaverde works with local tribes and local associations led by the charismatic leader Almir Naragomoya. The project involves , hundreds of small villages, and provides them with training and tools to diversify their sources of income while they plant and protect their Amazon forest.

Aquaverde Forestery Project

The goal of the Aquaverde Forestry project is to help the Surui people with the reforestation of their lands by planting 1 million trees in the next 5 years.

The Surui people are committed to protecting their natural habitat and culture.  Some 17’000 hectares of their lands have already been destroyed through deforestation.  Since 2005, the Surui people have been fighting back by planting over 250’000 trees, with the support of the Aquaverde Forestry project.

The long-term benefits of the project are:

Support the Surui people economically as they sustainably harvest and extract products from the replanted and preserved trees.

Regenerate species of trees that have been depleted by timber exploitation in order to promote biodiversity and the biological balance of the forest.

Ensure the transmission of traditional knowledge of plants and the importance of maintaining the forest, to the younger generation.

Encourage the Surui community to work together to adhere to its economically viable, environmentally sustainable and culturally acceptable alternative to deforestation and other destructive practices.

Serve as a model for other indigenous peoples in the Amazon and elsewhere.

Raise awareness among neighbouring non-indigenous communities about the need and long-term benefits of regenerating deforested areas.

Corporations and Institutions

You many sponsor a program of reforestation for your company or offer tree certificates as a gift to your clients.
Do not hesitate to reach out and call for more information. We are happy to set up a specific program for your company or organisation.

Each tree you sponsor starts as a seedling, cultivated in a village nursery and then planted and cared for during a period of 3 years by the Surui people.

When you sponsor a tree (or several), you will receive a numbered A4 certificate in the name of the person of your choice, yourself or someone else.  The certificate is available in a PDF file. 

Please pay online, indicating the number of trees you are sponsoring, we will then confirm by email the names that you wish to have put on the certificats.

We Thank you kindly for your support.

Photos copyright of Aquaverde and Thomas Pizer

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