The February Forest Project

Good For My Planet is using the free version of Whereby for all visio calls. Its free, and in February trees are being planted for every 3 meetings held on the platform. So why not try and see! All little actions contribute to the good of the planet.

Whereby has partnered with Brynk to plant the trees on their behalf. Brynk work with the Eden Reforestation Project who’ll coordinate the planting with members of local communities in Boanamary in northwest Madagascar, Kitiligini in Kenya and Mahubo in Mozambique .

Whereby is pledging to plant up to 1,000,000 trees — one for every three meetings that happens on Whereby during February — contributing to essential reforestation efforts in these biodiverse countries.

Whereby is free to use, so even if you usually make video calls with other software, why not try using Whereby for those times when a spontaneous one-to-one or quick catch up session is on the cards? That way, you get to say what needs to be said, and do some good for the planet, too.

Throughout the month, you’ll be able to see how many trees you’re helping to plant through an in-room tracker and you can check in on your overall tree count with the post-meeting screen. Want to see how everyone’s getting on collectively? The total number of trees-to-be-planted will be available on