75% of Swiss citizens are asking for legally binding measures to resolve the country’s plastic pollution situation.

A representative survey conducted by gfs.bern on behalf of OceanCare in 2020, showed that the population takes the plastic problem seriously. This requires a rethink within Switzerland. The general right to a healthy environment should be weighted higher than the plastic industry's right to profit.
We believe that the focus should be the eradication of disposable plastic such as single use bottles and shopping bags, which remain in the ecosystem over decades. Microplastics that are added to cosmetics or cleaning agents and get into the water when such products are used should also be banned.

To tackle the plastics industry effectively, we, individually, must change our consumer habits and collectively demand better Government regulation.
Not a pretty picture

85-90% of plastic in Switzerland is incinerated

Not recycled, nor Reused, and which causes climate-damaging filter ash and toxic slag!

Shipped overseas

Only a small percentage becomes recyclable, some of which is shipped overseas, often with unclear whether it is effectively recycled or ultimately becomes waste”.