There are 4 second hand stores in Gland!

Good For My Planet recommends to stop buying new clothes .
There are some great deals to find
So why not try and see!
All little actions contribute to the good of the planet.

Did you know...?

There are 4 stores that sell second hand goods in Gland

As we live these troubled times, and see the impact on our planet, some are starting to see that buying new is not necessary, and that one can find so many great items for second-hand. The second-hand market is growing and today we have many options, both in actual shops (when they open again!) as well as online, including our favourite shops! Did you know that there is now so much man-made “stuff” on earth that its mass outweighs all of life on earth.

One of the added benefits, is that you can sell on the things you no longer want or need, make a little money AND make someone happy in the bargain!

So, we thought it would be nice to share with you some of the local places that we recommend Gland.

Revival - Second Hand Boutique

A store with a social dimension, because Gisèle makes a point of keeping the prices low to be able to help those that are in need with low budgets. All goods come from donations, and you can find some excellent deals! During the Pandemic, you can choose and buy from the facebook page. If you want to empty your cupboards do not hesitate to donate your items to Revival. And anything that is not sold, they recycle the clothing with other ONG’s. The store has both clothing, books, toys, and small household items.
Where to find the store? just 5 minutes walk from Schillinger: Rue de Riant-Coteau 5, 1196 Gland


Another second-hand shop, where you can both drop off your items and find treasures to buy. They specialise in furniture as well as other household items. If you need a sofa, you can pick up what you need and at the same time drop off the piece you no longer want, making someone else very happy. They also have an outlet in Nyon.
Where to find the store? Just under the train bridge close to the Restaurant 14:
Chemin du Lavasson 14B, 1196 Gland

Coup de Griffe

is a second-hand shop specialising in luxury items. Its aim is to fulfil your dream of owning exceptional pieces which, thanks to someone else, have been given the right to a second life. Prices are high, but you can be guaranteed to have excellent service and authentic products.
Where to find the store? Rue du Borgeaud 18, 1196 Gland


Second-hand ladies clothes, with a warm welcome and service. Hopefully we can visit soon and give our personal opinion. .
Where to find the store? Close to the Maison de la Commune : Grande Rue 73, 1196 Gland

Troc Amicale de Gland

Twice a year there is a large Swap-meet held at Montoly in Gland. Usually in Spring and Autumn. Due to the pandemic the spring one has been cancelled.
The next one is scheduled to be held on the 7th October 2021, check out for more information on our events page.

Photo by Hannah Morgan on Unsplash           Photo by Artem Beliaikin on Unsplash