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Water – Bottle vs Tap

Water - Tap vs Bottle

Good For My Planet recommends to use tap water.
You can even make bubbled water using a Soda Stream system and have your own bubbly water every day for free!
So why not try and see!
All little actions contribute to the good of the planet.

Bottled water pollutes at least 1500 times more than water from your tap.

The carbon footprint of a bottle of mineral water, trucked less than 100 kms from its production site to a supermarket, then to the consumer’s home by car, is 154g of CO2 per litre.  If that same bottle is transported more than 1800 kms, its footprint is over 300 g of CO2.*

By contrast, 1 litre of water drawn from your tap creates a mere 0,1g of CO2 ……

43.5% of bottled water bought in Switzerland is imported – originating from Spain, Norway and even the Fiji Islands……and yet, Switzerland has perhaps some of the purest, most easily accessible water in the world – right out of your tap. 

While we applaud Manor for removing its “Waters of the World” from its shelves in response to a protest action led by Initiatives des Alpes (, too many supermarkets still sell bottled water from factories that are more than 500 kms away.   

It is clearly a personal choice and a matter of lifestyle.  Those who are addicted to bottled water, we understand and ask that you buy regional bottled water with a smaller carbon footprint. Or simply buy a refillable bottle and use the water that is freely available.

We urge you to buy and drink local water and reduce your carbon footprint ……. These two small steps are simply Good For My Planet!

*according to an article in Bon à Savoir January 2021

Photo by Imani on Unsplash

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