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Making a Water Fountain for Events

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What is Urban Plogging?

What is Urban-Plogging ?

What is the

A very simple and effective way to clean up your neighbourhood!

The concept is to experience an urban training session with a group of 100 to 150 people, while collecting whatever garbage you find along the way.

As a bonus, raffle tickets will be hidden along the trail and prizes will be awarded during the healthy brunch,  served to all participants at the conclusion of the event.

A fun and rewarding way to clean up the environment for all hard-working “collectors”!

“Plogging is a combination of jogging and rubbish collection. It comes from the Swedish word: plocka upp (pick up) and jogging. It emerged as an organised activity in Sweden around 2016 and spread to other countries in 2018, following growing concerns about plastic pollution”, source wikipedia.

Enjoy a day of urban sport with all the family

Collect waste around your town in a fun way

Sort out the waste with a specialist in selective waste disposals.

One Paper Towel Project

One Paper Towel

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One paper towel

During this pandemic, we are all washing our hands repeatedly and frequently, which is just GREAT. Except that it means that we are using more paper towels than ever to dry our hands, which is BAD for our planet!

The solution is easy, use 1 paper towel, not several.
If we all use ONLY ONE PAPER TOWEL when drying our hands, we could save tons of paper, millions of trees and it would be GOOD FOR MY PLANET! 

See how easy it is …. watch this video and start a movement:

Shake your hands 12 times

Take ONE paper towel

Fold in half to use completely!

Strawberries in February!!!!!

Strawberries in February ?!!

Did You know ?

0 tonnes
Strawberries imported in Switzerland in 2020

Sandra Imsand from the FRC Fédération Romande des Consommateurs has produced a very extensive document with her conclusions of a study about why and how the principle Swiss food retailers bring strawberries to the consumer and make us believe that it is the consumer who wants this on the shelves.

Why are we seeing Strawberries
in the shops in February?!

Import duty taxes are ONLY high when Swiss strawberries are availble

Import Duty tax is low when it is not the season, that is why foreign strawberries arrive out of local season to be able to benefit from low duty.

Spain has the cheapest strawberry

The cheapest strawberry in Europe comes from Spain, which is due to the exploitaton of cheap labour.

Cheap labour in Spain due to humain exploitation of migrants.

Many migrants, who have fled war and famine in Africa and the Middle East have ended up working in Spain for fruit producers. There has been some very disturbing articles of human misery and exploitation of these people.

Full study and article published by Sandra Imsand

Good For My Planet recommends you to look carefully at the country from where the Strawberries come from.

CHOOSE LOCAL, ONLY BUY IN JUNE, and from local producers !

Water – Bottle vs Tap

Water - Tap vs Bottle

Good For My Planet recommends to use tap water.
You can even make bubbled water using a Soda Stream system and have your own bubbly water every day for free!
So why not try and see!
All little actions contribute to the good of the planet.

Bottled water pollutes at least 1500 times more than water from your tap.

The carbon footprint of a bottle of mineral water, trucked less than 100 kms from its production site to a supermarket, then to the consumer’s home by car, is 154g of CO2 per litre.  If that same bottle is transported more than 1800 kms, its footprint is over 300 g of CO2.*

By contrast, 1 litre of water drawn from your tap creates a mere 0,1g of CO2 ……

43.5% of bottled water bought in Switzerland is imported – originating from Spain, Norway and even the Fiji Islands……and yet, Switzerland has perhaps some of the purest, most easily accessible water in the world – right out of your tap. 

While we applaud Manor for removing its “Waters of the World” from its shelves in response to a protest action led by Initiatives des Alpes (, too many supermarkets still sell bottled water from factories that are more than 500 kms away.   

It is clearly a personal choice and a matter of lifestyle.  Those who are addicted to bottled water, we understand and ask that you buy regional bottled water with a smaller carbon footprint. Or simply buy a refillable bottle and use the water that is freely available.

We urge you to buy and drink local water and reduce your carbon footprint ……. These two small steps are simply Good For My Planet!

*according to an article in Bon à Savoir January 2021

Photo by Imani on Unsplash

There are 4 second hand clothes store in Gland

There are 4 second hand stores in Gland!

Good For My Planet recommends to stop buying new clothes .
There are some great deals to find
So why not try and see!
All little actions contribute to the good of the planet.

Did you know...?

There are 4 stores that sell second hand goods in Gland

As we live these troubled times, and see the impact on our planet, some are starting to see that buying new is not necessary, and that one can find so many great items for second-hand. The second-hand market is growing and today we have many options, both in actual shops (when they open again!) as well as online, including our favourite shops! Did you know that there is now so much man-made “stuff” on earth that its mass outweighs all of life on earth.

One of the added benefits, is that you can sell on the things you no longer want or need, make a little money AND make someone happy in the bargain!

So, we thought it would be nice to share with you some of the local places that we recommend Gland.

Revival - Second Hand Boutique

A store with a social dimension, because Gisèle makes a point of keeping the prices low to be able to help those that are in need with low budgets. All goods come from donations, and you can find some excellent deals! During the Pandemic, you can choose and buy from the facebook page. If you want to empty your cupboards do not hesitate to donate your items to Revival. And anything that is not sold, they recycle the clothing with other ONG’s. The store has both clothing, books, toys, and small household items.
Where to find the store? just 5 minutes walk from Schillinger: Rue de Riant-Coteau 5, 1196 Gland


Another second-hand shop, where you can both drop off your items and find treasures to buy. They specialise in furniture as well as other household items. If you need a sofa, you can pick up what you need and at the same time drop off the piece you no longer want, making someone else very happy. They also have an outlet in Nyon.
Where to find the store? Just under the train bridge close to the Restaurant 14:
Chemin du Lavasson 14B, 1196 Gland

Coup de Griffe

is a second-hand shop specialising in luxury items. Its aim is to fulfil your dream of owning exceptional pieces which, thanks to someone else, have been given the right to a second life. Prices are high, but you can be guaranteed to have excellent service and authentic products.
Where to find the store? Rue du Borgeaud 18, 1196 Gland


Second-hand ladies clothes, with a warm welcome and service. Hopefully we can visit soon and give our personal opinion. .
Where to find the store? Close to the Maison de la Commune : Grande Rue 73, 1196 Gland

Troc Amicale de Gland

Twice a year there is a large Swap-meet held at Montoly in Gland. Usually in Spring and Autumn. Due to the pandemic the spring one has been cancelled.
The next one is scheduled to be held on the 7th October 2021, check out for more information on our events page.

Photo by Hannah Morgan on Unsplash           Photo by Artem Beliaikin on Unsplash

Waste is exponential since the lockdown- why is that?

Disposable packaging is proliferating

Did you know…….

Since the closure of restaurants, disposable packaging has proliferated

The closure of restaurants has resulted in an increase in take-away sales and the packaging that goes with it. Several initiatives have been launched to tackle this problem, even before the health crisis began.

reCIRCLE is a project that implements a reusable takeawy box that can be used by many restaurants. Lausanne has already put this in place and several other towns also in Switzerland. Its aubergine-coloured reusable containers are used by 146 restaurants, i.e. about half of the establishments in Lausanne.

“We save about 3.5 million disposable trays, 68,000 bin bags… We can see that we are having a great impact with an action of this type, which seems harmless at first, but which is not at all,” says Natacha Litzistorf, the Green municipal councillor in charge of housing and the environment.

GOOD FOR MY PLANET is helping to bring this initiative to the Ville de Gland, as all great initiatives which are simply good for  the planet !


Copyright RTS – Translated text taken from the article RTS article du Depuis la fermeture des restaurants, les emballages jetables prolifèrent

Stop aux emballages à usage unique!

Donnez-nous votre opinion sur les déchets des takeaway.